Retriever Training

Wade & Lauren Cashion are the owners here at Callback Retrievers.  Wade has been a professional retriever trainer for 18 years. You can find out more about the retriever training programs they offer at

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  • Start crate training your puppy the 1st day you get him home.
  • Start drive building from day 1.
  • Number 1 rule for training a dog: “Whatever you tolerate, they will do”. If it is an unwanted behavior, don’t tolerate it. Be very consistent and let the dog know that such behavior is unwanted.
  • Feather introduction should be done weekly starting at week 8
  • Water introduction should be done early, starting around week 10.  This means encouraging your dog to swim in water over its back.  You should get in the pond with your puppy. Warm weather is preferred.  Keeping the association to water a positive one is essential.